Thursday, February 2, 2012

Preserving Your Child's Artwork Collection

Children's Artwork Digital Packages

When my daughter started kindergarten this year, I quickly learned that my home would soon be overtaken by lots and lots of paper. Worksheets, paintings, drawings, not to mention all the handouts from school.  My daughter has also inherited my passion for drawing and crafts, (which I love!) but with this comes even more paper. We are now half way through the school year and the basket of art projects looks like this:

Mind you, I have thrown out many projects (shhh) - and this box is just the ones that are clearly precious works of art. :)  I  mean who could throw out this masterpiece?

I was talking with another mom during a photoshoot recently who had a similar collection of kids artwork piling up. We talked about how great it would be to digitize these projects and have them preserved instead of just piling up and collecting dust in a closet somewhere.  So I took this great idea and now present to you: 

Children's ArtWork Digital Packages!

How it works:
 • Fill a box with your child's artwork
 • I digitize the entire collection by hand. (Flat pieces are scanned;  Thicker or three-dimensional items are photographed.)
 • Original items are returned to you, along with the entire collection of digital files on CD or flash drive.
 • Once digitized, your child's artwork can also be shared with family, posted online, or made into a beautiful coffee table book.
 • Your children's favorite masterpieces are preserved forever!

 Packages start at $150.   Contact me for a full price list.