Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Birthday Party Photography {A Cat Themed 7th Birthday} Sarah Elizabeth Photography, Minneapolis, MN

Welcome to the party - Come on in and put on your kitty ears and whiskers! 

My daughter turned 7 this past summer and we celebrated with a cat themed pool party.  Yes, an interesting combination, but it worked out well!  She’s been a bit cat-obsessed lately so I knew we had to do a cat theme, and since her birthday is in July, being able to be outside and swim made the party even more fun. 

If you’re planning a party soon, keep in mind that I offer special birthday party photography packages to capture the day’s events.  Packages also include an online gallery to share the photos with friends after the party. Contact me for more info. 

Even if you don’t hire a photographer for your child’s birthday, I highly recommend assigning the task to a friend or family member. It’s hard to document all the little details of the day while actually enjoying the moment yourself. (I will be taking my own advice next year!) 

And now, on to all the cat party details...

 photo IMG_8816w_zpscfa2b9fc.jpg

I sent out these cute cat-themed invitations from My Paper Crane.
 photo meg7th_8460_zps15df72a4.jpg

 photo meg7th_8717_zpsdb86ab6f.jpg

After putting on their own cat ears and whiskers, the girls got to make cat collars for themselves and their "adopt-a-cat" kittens.

 photo meg7th_1_zps7b2187f1.jpg

 photo meg7th_8736_zps7750c563.jpg

I printed out these fun adoption certificates from Chickabug.

 photo meg7th_2_zpsf1278ea6.jpg

Kitty cat party favors:

 photo meg7th_8728_zpseca18e3d.jpg

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Graham Turns One! {First Birthday Photos - Sarah Elizabeth Photography, St. Paul, MN}

This past fall was filled with so many fantastic photo shoots. I haven’t done much blogging lately, but am hoping to catch up now that I'm through the busy season.  This is just one of my favorites from the past few months -  Graham and his parents celebrating his first birthday at  Carver Lake Park. Graham is such a happy boy, he was smiling like this throughout the entire session! 

 photo graham12_2_zpse7e7b3da.jpg

 photo graham12_1_zps24d03871.jpg

 photo graham12_3_zps6a7728fd.jpg