Friday, September 21, 2012

Great Locations for Photo Sessions | Thomas Lowry Park, Minneapolis, MN

I was introduced to this beautiful park last week at a family photo session. Thomas Lowry Park is located in Uptown Minneapolis just blocks from the Walker Art Center. It's a small neighborhood park but has so many pretty backdrops and great variety in a small area. It's perfect for a family with small children or anyone who might not want to do a lot of walking during their session. 

Features of the park:
  • lots of trees and flowers
  • open grassy areas
  • a beautiful vine-covered brick arbor
  • stone paths
  • benches
  • a pretty stream running through the park
  • plenty of nearby parking, and everything is within a small area

Here are a couple pictures of the park. Stay tuned for more from last week's session with Elsie and her family!


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