Monday, September 20, 2010

Lake Harriet Rose Gardens

When doing a photo shoot at a new location, I usually like to visit beforehand to check out the lighting, look for good backdrops, etc. Oftentimes I'll bring Megan along and she'll play and run around while I take a few test shots. Lately she's had no interest in modeling for me. Zero. ("No mommy! No pictures!") But the other night we were at the Lake Harriet Rose Gardens and there was another photographer there doing a shoot with a bride-to-be in her wedding gown. Megan was fascinated! She wanted to follow them around and have me take photos of her doing all the same poses the bride was doing. It was hilarious! Here are a few of Megan trying her best to "work it".

And here - from a couple days later - are some shots from my actual photo shoot with Lia for her senior photos!


  1. That is so funny :p You got some awesome pictures of Megan in her cute little outfit, and great senior pictures as well! Especially love the one on the dock! :)